A downloadable game


Everfire is a side-scroller, pixel-art game, which is currently in development. The player controls a creature, which was previously a human. The main weapon in game is a magical staff (not named yet), which throws different kinds of spells. Spells can be thrown in any direction player wants.

Some elements that will be in game:

Life bar

Mana bar

Life potions

Mana potions


Experience bar (probably)



Jumping and dubble jumping



Other kind of loot


W or Up arrow - Jump

A or Left arrow - Moving left

D or Right arrow - Moving right

S or Down arrow - Croaching

Mouse - Aiming

Left Mouse Button - Throwing a spell

Right Mouse Button - Unassigned yet

Q - Life potion (may change)

E - Mana potion (may change)

I am fully developing this game by me in Unity. I hope you will follow progression of this project. Stay tuned! :)